1. Mark


    Welcome! This is a collection of my presences on the web, mostly under the moniker of "themizarkshow." I'm a junior Communication Design major at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD), a lifelong gamer, have a BA in philosophy, and do my best to dabble in art & writing as I find the time and inspiration.

    When I'm not at school, toiling away in my studio space, or out looking for things to Snapchat, I'm probably either napping with my cat Charli, watching dorky shows with my girlfriend Debbie, or playing videogames & ignoring the world.

  2. Artist


    Although I didn't grow up drawing and painting, I picked it up in college thanks to an interest in webcomics that spiraled out of control. That led to a couple short and long webcomic runs, doing cartoons for the school newspaper, and eventually going back to school to pursue both design and art in a more official capacity.

    Many of these links aren't updated as often as those in other categories, but that's just due to the sheer amount of time it takes to make art.

  3. Designer


    I started dabbling in design during the late 90's while learning HTML on the family's first internet connected computer. That led to doing sites for myself, friends online, and local groups IRL and online.

    Over more and more time, that spun into learning CSS, javascript and doing some freelance work for actual clients. It even led to some game design work on personal projects here and there. Fun all around.

  4. Gamer


    A lifelong gamer, I grew up with an NES and GameBoy constantly nearby. I remained a mostly Nintendo-centric gamer for most of my life, but expanded into the Playstation, Xbox, and PC realms as I got into college.

    This lead to not only playing a lot of games, but writing about them as well... and even dabbling in some indie-game development here and there (although I've never finished a project that I've started... at least not yet).

  5. Person


    Often jumping on the newest social network and freshest apps, I have profiles all over the web. As such, listing them all here would be a bit tedious.

    Some of my most prominent are listed here, although if you keep looking for me on other places, you can probably find me. Just search for "themizarkshow" and I will probably pop up. And if not, let me know and I'll get on there.