Oh, hello! Welcome to my website. I know it's a funny name, but since "Mark Davis" is bland as hell, I've gotta work extra hard for that SEO.

My story is pretty simple: I never knew what I wanted to be, so I took a few paths and claim they're related on a resume. That journey saw me picking up three undergrad degrees by the time I was 30; and along the way I freelanced in web-design, tried my hand at webcomics, dabbled in podcasting, and wrote for some game blogs.

I'm in love with learning and problem solving; it's that combo keeps me perpetually finding new hobbies to fold into my work. Saving my dad's Canon EF threw me into photography. A work project pushed me head over heels into animation. Learning how to longboard convinced me I needed a GoPro for action shots. Even as a kid, obsessing over games is why I learned how to program.

Every new project is a chance to learn, to solve a problem, to test yourself. That's what makes design so much fun, and why I (finally) settled on it as my career.